by ESP on August 10, 2010

This months http://www.gardeninggonewild.com/?page_id=13248 photography competition will be judged by Allan Mandell, the theme is: On The Road Again”

“This is what I am looking for: that choice image you discovered when you were out there on unfamiliar ground with an open mind and open eyes, when you were far away from home or close to where you live. But you still sought out a garden, other than your own, to reveal the soul of the place you were in. Every culture on earth has a way of expressing its essence through a sacred spot, or garden. Maybe your farthest travels have been a few hour’s drive away, or maybe they have been long plane-flights away, no matter. Let me see the beauty you found when you were way out there, tuned into the universal language of the garden.  Let me see your treasures from the road.”

This shot was taken last year on a visit to my homeland and family. This is the stark, gnarled and storybook understory of a particularly old stand of rhododendron shrubs on the grounds of Hoddom Castle Estate in the borders of Scotland, a magical place.

This scene would make a great film set…I think Helena Bonham Carter would be right at home under these invasive bushes?

Oh you wouldn’t? …Sorry Helena.

There really was a fantasy world underneath that light draining canopy.

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