“Orion’s Belt”

by ESP on August 24, 2012

The light quality has changed this week, a sure sign that fall / Autumn is looming around the corner.

Yuccas are giving birth at an alarming rate and the native Patch Naboo tribe

are flying fritillary kites high to celebrate the seasonal change.

This pampas grass is ruffling its sharp feathers in readiness to bloom some plumes.

As is this…


…Mexican Firebush

Hamelia patens


This one is planted in semi shade and is a great plant for attracting butterflies.

Polygonia interrogationis



These butterflies are better known as question mark and anglewing butterflies.

Resembling a leaf, the underside of this butterfly is a nondescript light brown with the exception of a distinctive silver-white question mark in the center of its hindwing.  Polygonia, is derived from the Greek word for “many angles” and refers to the outlines of the wings.



The “dot” of the “question mark” is occasionally reduced or absent, this one was a fine specimen, though I think there may be a little more to that icon than meets the eye“?”

And while I have all the conspiracy theorists attention…just what is going on in the Baltic Sea?

Calm down Alex!

The flamboyantly colored topside of this butterfly is quite the smoldering contrast to the underside.

Moving back down to earth:

Good news on the satsuma front, the recent rains have dramatically decreased fruit drop and the tree has greened up once again. It should pull through with a great fall harvest.

I get the sense that the poor dragonflies are beginning to feel the aches and pains of age. They appear much less concerned with the camera lens as the year pushes into the fall. Many people believe these insects live only for a day but an adult dragon will survive as long as six months if the weather remains warm and dry.

Inspirational Images of the week:

Interesting idea for a pathway or patio.

Mexican beach pebbles that you can jump on! 

Having had the unfortunate experience of shoveling these pebbles on numerous occasions I could not live with these pebble-pillows in my house, fun idea though.

How about this:

Texas architect Jim Poteet http://www.poteetarchitects.com from San Antonio has transformed a 40′ shipping container into a gorgeous backyard retreat, complete with a living green roof, composting toilet, rainwater collection and eco friendly finishes. The studio retreat also features floor-to-ceiling windows cut out of the container, blown-in insulation, and bamboo floors and walls. 

















Very creative.


Happy 5th birthday, birthday boy.

Stay Tuned for:

“Mind your Dual Language!”


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