“Test of Courage”

by ESP on April 28, 2013


It seems to have been a long spring this year and we have been making the most of it spending as much time outdoors as possible before the tigers

ruin it all, and they will.

Especially with our recent downpours and now greenhouse-like conditions.


Taking advantage of these final relatively bite-free days, we have once again been busy breaking open geodes, as you do, snort.


We got lucky with this one.


This is “Natures Treasures” in Austin, they have a large selection of rocks, crystals and minerals…a color and texture for every plant, planter and container.


It is one of their favorite places to shop, I cannot believe we all have punch cards.

Armed with buckets they run around gathering different colored raw rocks that will be later smacked with a hammer and tumbled.


On our return trip home I spotted this century plant,


these are beginning to bloom all over Austin right now. Someone had recently hacked off this ones lower limbs in preparation for its imminent demise and subsequent nasty stinky rotten messyness.


You’re okay Kumo.

On a smaller scale this Yucca Recurvifolia


is putting out the first flower spike of the year, offering protection for this lacewing:

Yucca Recurvifolia

Moving Along:

I have a couple of these Star Jasmine ‘Star of Toscane’ scrambling up a 10ft high section of my bull-wire fence. It is evergreen, richly fragrant and hardy.

'Star of Toscane'

But the best thing about this plant…

…is how it looks against our house and trim color. The dark green leaves punch out the gold tones of the flowers.


I expect this fence to be completely covered next year.

Staying with vines for a moment, this is another great plant when you can find it,

Bauhinia corymbosa

Orchid Vine or


Bauhinia corymbosa



Fatsia Japonica gets very happy with some additional moisture.


Pittosporum tobira



pruned up, looks like a miniature big tree.

I think I can say this bed is officially out of control:


As are these oxygenating pond plants,


I always have to thin these out after their initial spring fling.

Reaching into the uncharted murky depths of my pond is not for the feint-hearted, oh no,


it is a test of courage.


I am just happy that it was my daughter’s hand that came up with this bloodworm stuck on the side of it.

blair witch


On that note,


Stay Tuned for:

“Brains”…Case Closed!


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intergalactic reproduction strictly prohibited, and
punishable by late (and extremely unpleasant)
14th century planet Earth techniques.


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