“X Marks the Scot”

by ESP on August 14, 2013 · 5 comments


No, no, no.


Oh yes, yes, afraid so Jeff.

As you can see, we are off to a terrific start this week.

During warm weather, and it is warm right now, a fly can produce a family generation in less than two weeks…

…I hate flies,


and roaches,

jungle safari helmet

and if one gets into the house I have to put on my safari outfit and immediately embark on the hunt to the inevitable family refrain…“it is only a fly Dad!”


I have fried numerous keyboards frantically flailing around my computer desk trying to swat one.


My aggression is self evident.

Only a fly indeed.

On a larger scale : this could do some serious damage…


…and it did.


A couple of hours later and my neighbors house over my back fence looked like this.


A few more hours and the lot was nearly empty.

While the crew were back there I persuaded the bucket operator to take a scoop from the top of my 10 year old large brush pile, “just to take the rough off.”


I won’t go into the unmentionables darting around as he did this, but there were many.


There should have been adjudicators present.

With the area now clear my kids wasted no time hopping over the fence armed with cloaks, masks


and metal detectors.


I got to work moving some of that fine compost,

mummy costume

until the late afternoon sun got the better of me.

It is hard to believe, but this started out as a pristine iced turban!

I quickly rehydrated with a slice or two of…






Moving Along:

Gaura lindheimeri

Gaura lindheimeri


or ‘whirling butterflies’ is living up to its name. The ‘butterflies’ reside on the end of long flower spikes that move in all directions on the wind.


After flowering these stems will be pruned back.


This plant makes a great pairing with Mexican feather grass and likes the same planting conditions / soil.

Sea oats are now turning color, a sure sign that fall is just around the corner.


That is duranta ‘Sapphire Showers’ in the background and one plant


goes a very long way.

A great sprawler to soften and take care of a problem area or to fill-in a fence corner.

This one is planted in shade under my post oak and it blooms prolifically for a good part of the year.


The barrels are blooming for the second year.


The spent brown flowers from last year are slowly rolling down the sides of the barrels.


I contemplated picking them out, then, realizing what I was proposing, had a George McFly moment.



This Buddha’s Belly bamboo is now leaning over so far,

I am considering training and strapping it permanently into an archway over this pathway.


Has this ever happened to your Bellies?


At first it bothered me,

but now I like this swaying green arch.


Stay Tuned for:

“Plants Vs Zombification



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1 Katina August 24, 2013 at 9:03 pm

“We’re in Bat Country!” You may want to look into getting those electrified tennis rackets for the flies. We have one for mosquitoes, my husband loves it.

2 ESP August 26, 2013 at 3:16 pm

Hi Katina.
I had one of those electrified tennis rackets for a while, until I broke it on a fly!

3 Pam/Digging August 26, 2013 at 10:25 pm

My bamboos are growing ferociously as well, but no archways have developed as yet.

4 ESP August 28, 2013 at 11:00 pm

Yes all my bamboos are in full-flight also Pam.
Do you grow Buddha’s Belly bamboo?

5 Pam/Digging September 5, 2013 at 2:16 pm

No, I don’t have that one. Only ‘Alphonse Karr’, ‘Tiny Fern’, and Mexican weeping.

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