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by ESP on August 5, 2013

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This contemporary house / garage apartment is shortly to be built on the east side of Austin.

I am signed up to design and install the landscape and exterior hardscaping on the property.

I wanted to get a head start on the project but I needed to really understand the architecture and site layout to develop a consistent and appropriate scheme.

C:UsersJohn_PCDocumentsCorbett2012 WillowSANDERS_042913 Mo

I decided the best thing would be to construct the house in 3D based on the architectural plans (which are hard to digest, even for the trained eye)


Here are the 3D building blocks representing the outside dimensions and architectural design:



I concentrated on the main front area as my first priority is to design the area from the street down both sides of this house.

As this is a completely new construction it is a clean slate, nothing to work in or around…the luxury!


3D model taking shape.

The home owners requested minimal plants and ultra-low maintenance.

Here is the final post-rendered model in-situation with a superimposed minimalist xeriscape planting scheme. The final image helped the homeowners visualize how their future new home and landscape is going to look.


Now, it may be sweltering hot in our current August temperatures but I will get some frosty Arizona ‘blue-ice’ cypress trees into the scheme!

Cupressus arizonica



Stay Tuned for:

“X Marks the Scot”


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