“An English Werewolf in Austin”

by ESP on November 3, 2013 · 5 comments


“Dude, he must be sweltering in that mask!”


A werewolf I was…

well at least for a few minutes until the stinky latex mask, incessant itching and the inability to really see what was going on around me got to me, not to mention the pools of condensation that were forming on the inside of the mask and the strands of synthetic hair that kept getting into my mouth.

I think I wore the mask the best part of 45 seconds.


Evil Morticia had the right mask-less idea.

The Grim

This reaper left a trail of death and decay wherever he wandered, one brush of his gown against this pumpkin made it grow mold, here it is now secreting nasty smelling juices all over our front porch…


…Happy Halloween!


Morticia and the reaper had a lot of fun gathering candy and meeting some local charismatic homeowners.


They trick and treated past hedges with blinking eyes while I peered into the heart of the resident sago.  I now check every sago I come into contact with for gender, this tends to raise a few eyebrows I can tell you.


They procured yet more candy under the bones of this cowboy.

I witnessed a few scary things myself walking around the neighborhood,


this century plant made my rotting pumpkin situation seem somewhat insignificant, the base looked like a horrific accident but a glance skyward


revealed where all that plant-energy was going.


A massive flower spike.

It made a great crystalline silhouette.



Although it is called a century plant these agave typically live only 10 to 30 years.


This bamboo muhly looked very ghostly as it floated and billowed around in the twilight.


After some insider trading on the candy exchange,


she wasted no time in categorizing and indexing her bounty,


she even generated a Prezi spread sheet to summarize her observations.


Back in the Patch:


The new house being built at the back of the Patch is starting to take shape. I am glad it is only one story.


With all of our recent rains the plants are at the fullest they have been all year.


Celosia are busy forming bright seed heads that will last long into the winter.


Canna lily are still going strong in my canna and papyrus stock tank, as was this warrior at the Celtic festival.


His favorite fighting festival.


Kumo always finds some muhly or feather grass to lie on after a long and exhausting night of barking at the moon.




Stay Tuned for:

Deep Breath



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14th century planet Earth techniques.

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1 Cheryl November 3, 2013 at 8:07 pm

Your kids had wonderful costumes! and what a fabulous green nosed witch handing out candy.. you must live in a fun area. Is that a lighted billboard, a movie screen or a HUGE t.v. behind the house with the Sago palm? Inquiring minds want to know.

2 ESP November 3, 2013 at 8:22 pm

They had a lot of fun Cheryl and yes, that witch was a total hit with the kids.
I believe it was a porthole to another dimension.

3 Cheryl November 3, 2013 at 8:51 pm

I can see how you’d need that, living in Texas and all…..

…especially useful in August Cheryl.

4 Bob November 3, 2013 at 10:33 pm

Those kids sure looked like they had fun. It’s a good thing there were not a whole lot of sagos in the hood, you may have lost those kids.

That dog really has a tough life don’t he, soaking up the sun shine and a mattress to boot.

Question, how much shade do you think the bamboo muhly can take?

They sure did Bob, and yes, it was difficult to keep up with where they were, leaning into the hearts of neighborhood sago palms with a flashlight…as you do.

Kumo now has a local eatery also, courtesy of my neighbors compost pile that is butted up to my fence line. He dines, then relaxes in the sun on his comfy mattress…a dog’s life, a stinky dog’s life.

Bamboo muhly can take quite a lot of shade, I have a few that are in dappled to full shade and they still look great.

5 TexasDeb November 4, 2013 at 6:55 am

So much fun. Our neighborhood doesn’t get many trick or treaters any more. I’m not sure if that is a demographic thing or more probably a side effect of so many homes undergoing renovation or being rebuilt from the ground up here. Construction sites are not known for handing out great candy I suppose though the “trick” potential might be high. The only candy I handed out was to my family members but then they most certainly enjoyed it…

Kumo always looks so tense. You ever consider getting him some therapy? : )

He always looks tense because he cannot help himself to stay out of trouble…neighbors compost pile, eating socks / underwear before we get up in the morning etc…(he checks on us first to make sure we are not awake). Oh yes he is quite smart and neurotic.

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