“Blooming Canthas!”

by ESP on April 5, 2014

They are over here, IMG_0429 they are over there, I have never seen so many eight spotted foresters everywhere. moth

Alypia octomaculata

These colorful moths are often mistaken for butterflies as they visit flowers during the day. moth They seem particularly fond of sand cherry flowers, I counted five on the small tree. DSC05504 There are plenty of flowers in the hell strip at the moment, cactus don’t get too close to that swash buckling opuntia! johnny-depp opuntia “Shiver me paddles” paddle Has to be rum. hell-strip This pyracantha has so many blooms it looks like it is covered in snow. bloom I keep meaning to move that bat box to a higher location but there are always anoles living in it. 4599849547_455ef3717a_b copy “We really should go and visit Bill and Margaret in the bat box sometime dear.” I took a picture through the round hole to see if I could capture the anoles “at home”… Tumnus-House-600x256 …it was amazing what they had done to the place. blooms The pyracantha’s pungent aroma is not everyone’s cup of tea. Feather grasses are looking well groomed at the moment, DSC05631 with our recent breezy weather they have been reeling all around the patch. “Take your panicles by the hand…” groan Behind the feather grasses… DSC05628 …inland sea oats on their fast rise. DSC05519 I needed this image on St Patrick’s day. She is still on the hunt for a four leaf clover. Lucky for her I have plenty of it in some of the most inaccessible places in the patch. hunting There is a fine stand of it below this mature sotol. hunting This works brilliantly for me, as in… “You will find one in there I am sure of it, just keep pulling them out. When you are done here there is another patch around the base of the barrel cacti you can search.” DSC05584 “right over…. clover …there. I bet there are a few four-leafers in there.”   Stay Tuned for:

“Holey Bridges”


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