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Austrian_Alps_Good_for_Summer_and_Winter_Breaks_largeBorn in Austria in 1926, and daughter of a wealthy businessman, The Botox Lady, then called Gurtron, lived a privileged childhood in a wealthy neighborhood on the outskirts of Salzburg.

Having played the piano as a child Gurtron quickly rose to fame in the theater district, before going on to write successful musicals in Paris, London and Berlin. As a singer and performer her looks were very important to her, and, as she began to age, she started “augmenting” her appearance with skin creams, wigs and finally Botox.

botox-shotThe performer was actually the first person ever to receive the then experimental injections in the late 1950s along with the actor and one of our United States Presidents, Ronald Regan.  At this point she was commonly referred to by the general public as “The Botox Lady”.

Botox Lady2744 injections later the Lady, now retired, is living her autumn years on a small hillside in the East Side Patch’s middle pasture. She now adorns a fine head of ice-pant hair which she is very proud of.  The Lady also has developed a propensity to speak way too loud, as a result of her constant struggling to make herself understood. She also tends to “spray” an excess of saliva onto the person she is addressing as a result of her loss of lip control, she is gregarious, overbearing, and demands all, and I mean all of the attention at social functions.

The Botox Lady's PianoThe Botox Lady still puts on the occasional show in the Patch, if you are ever invited to one, be sure not to forget your umbrella…even on the fairest of nights.

I bet you didn’t know this…

A German physician and poet Justinus Kerner first recognized that this toxin could be a possible candidate in therapeutic applications, calling it “sausage poison.” In 1870, Muller (another German physician) laid claim to the name botulism.


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1 Rebecca Dale-Everett March 18, 2012 at 1:27 pm

I am currently creating a film on the origin of the word botox and am looking for a non-copyrighted image of Justinus Kerner. Do you know where I could find one? Thanks.

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