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About William Wallace


William is always trying to pick a fight in the East Side Patch.


He can usually be found lurking in among my many clumps of Giant Timber Bamboo, where you will find him quietly harvesting and building spears out of them “twice the length of a man”.


If he gets wind of any confrontation in the Patch, William is sure to be around, hoping that the confrontation involves the “English” in some shape and form.


He likes to actively participate in the “Highland Patch Games” which only happens when an agave goes into bloom. His stocky stone legs give him a great advantage in the tossing the caber event. He would be even better if he could only move them.


Every full moon he fires up his little set of highland bagpipes and plays some “outlawed” pibroch songs.

I also play the Highland Bagpipes in the Silver Thistle Pipe Band in Austin, here we are playing at the 2014 Capital District Scottish Games, Albany, NY:

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